More than 100 aggressors against women are arrested in Honduras | News

Honduran security forces arrested 134 people on Wednesday as part of an operation to prevent gender-based violence and punish aggressors of women and girls in the country.


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The Public Ministry indicated that the detainees were charged with crimes against women in the Central American country, where 318 women were murdered in 2021.

The Honduran authorities filed 279 requirements against the same number of people for sexual crimes, family abuse and gender violence, he added.

The operation called Débora VI was carried out throughout the Honduran territory in coordination between the security forces, the Public Ministry and the Special Prosecutor for the Protection of Women in order to punish women’s aggressors.

During the operation, women’s protection prosecutors carried out 215 inspections of justices of the peace, police stations, hospitals and health centers to confirm care for women and girls who are victims of domestic violence, family abuse or sexual crimes.

The Honduran government pledged on Wednesday to prevent and combat violence against women and girls in the country.

The commitment was reflected in a document signed in Tegucigalpa by the president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, and the resident coordinator of the United Nations in the country, Alice Shackelford.

“As a woman, I cannot be in the Presidency if I do not fight for respect and for the defense of the rights of women in my country,” stressed the Honduran president.

Xiomara Castro affirmed that in order to reduce the violent deaths of women in her country “it is not enough to combat the causes that produce violence, but it is also necessary to act in harmony and coordination with all sectors.”