More names of artists who will be presenters at the next Oscar award ceremony are announced

Lady Gaga.

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If a few days ago the Hollywood Academy announced that Rosie Perez and Yuh Jung Youn will appear on stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to introduce some of the nominees for the coveted golden statuette, now the organization of the Oscar awards ceremony has announced the names of other celluloid stars who will make an appearance at the gala on March 27.

It is nothing less than Kevin Costner, Zoe Kravitz, Chris Rock and Lady Gaga. It must be remembered that the Italian-American singer and actress, apart from having received endless praise and positive reviews for her work in the film “House of Gucci”, was left out of the competition for the award for Best Actressa setback that generated understandable anger among his most staunch fans.

As if these reproaches were not enough, the academy has also greatly outraged editors, make-up artists and other professionals from the more technical sections of cinematography. In order to shorten the duration of an event that, frankly, sometimes ends up being tedious and boring, the organization has decided not to televise these categories. William of the Bullfor example, has been one of the many directors and actors who have spoken out against this measure.

“The power of the dog”the latest and acclaimed tape of Jane Campion part as a great favorite in terms of the most relevant awards of the night, such as Best Director, Best Actor (benedict cumberbatch) and Best Picture. For its part, the adaptation of the novel “dune”from Denis Villeneuvealso has ten candidates, although most of them are of a technical nature and, therefore, not all of them will be televised.

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