More migrant children without family members are crossing the southern US border in 2022

The number of migrant children continues to rise at the border.

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The figures of immigrant children who cross the border between the United States and Mexico unaccompanied and who are apprehended by the Border Patrol has increased considerably in the first three weeks of 2022 compared to the last week of 2021.

The Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 336 children on Thursday, more than double what was recorded on December 30, 2021, when agents detained 150 minors.

The difference is even greater compared with the figure for Wednesday, January 19, when the federal authorities at the border apprehended 485 children, more than three times the number intercepted on December 30.

The administration of President Joe Biden has had to deal with a significant increase in the numbers of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border. The avalanche of immigrant children forced the Administration in March and April 2021 to adapt temporary shelters in convention centers in various regions of the country.

The beginning of 2022 marked a relative advance for the Democratic government on this issue when it managed to lower the number of unaccompanied minors in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) below 10,000 for the first time since March last year.

In April 2021, unaccompanied migrant minors in US custody exceeded 24,000. As of Monday, January 3, HHS had 9,872 minors in its custody, according to government figures.

But the progress in being able to reunite minors with their parents or guardians has been frustrated by the increase in arrivals of minors.

HHS has 8,254 children in its custody and CBP has 642 children in the process of being transferred to Health and Human Services, for a total of 8,896 children.

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