Monreal and his 13 apostles

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Francisco Garfias.

“Claudia, stop your pack…” Ricardo Monreal wrote on Twitter. The words were addressed to the Head of Government of CDMX, whom the senator points out as being behind the attacks directed by the governor of Chiapas, Layda Sansores.

The lawsuit with the Sheinbaum-Sansores dumbbell was revived after the governor of Campeche returned Senator Monreal to the leading role of the program Los Martes del Jaguar.

Sansores was in contempt. The suspension granted by a judge to Monreal was passed through the triumphal arch. He tapped into communications and spread "recycled trash," the senator said.

For me, she is an alleged criminal and this warrants that she be separated from the position and that she be subjected to an ordinary process,” he stressed.

Laida said that Monreal has 5 properties in his name and maintained that the sum of his family's assets would accumulate 48 properties and 1,801 hectares.

“If my brother is accused of having property, what do I have to do with it? I have 14 brothers. Why don't they report him? Why do I have to pay for my 14 brothers and my 169 nephews?


The Sheinbaum-Monreal lawsuit has no return. Layda crossed the Rubicon, opening fire against Monreal again, to get along with the Head of Government.

The senator sings “I liked December so you can leave”, every time he is questioned about his departure from Morena. It already looks like a message.

-Do you still have room in your dignity to continue in the game after everything that has happened? We asked.

Not much anymore, but here we go. In December we talked, if God allows us to live, because he doesn't know one, many are dying of heart attacks.

Monreal was accompanied at his press conference by 13 senators who sympathized with him. There are more, like Eduardo Ramírez, who did not find out. The thirteen apostles who accompanied him are:

Rocío Abreu, Cecilia Sánchez, Marybel Villegas, Griselda Valencia, Soledad Luévano, Jaime Bonilla, Alejandro Armenta, Eli César, José Ramón Enríquez, Ricardo Velázquez, Rafael Espino, and María Merced González.


The march in defense of the INE will not reach the Juarez Chamber, as initially announced. El Benemérito is not going to get angry for so many "fifis thieves and hypocrites" copyright it is from AMLO – that they would visit him on Sunday.

Nor will it culminate in the Zócalo. They did not fall into the trap set for them by the president. He wanted them to go to the Plaza de la Constitución to show that he can double the number of attendees on December 1, at the Report for the start of his 5th year in office.

The INE defenders will walk from the Angel of Independence to the Monument to the Revolution. And to avoid protagonism, there will be only one speaker at the event: the former president of the INE, José Woldenberg.

We discussed the announced participation of the PRI in the march with Miguel Ángel Osorio, coordinator of the tricolor caucus in the Senate. Still appreciate if you attend. don't trust wing Dark. “I know him!” he says.

The man is convinced that there is a cat trapped in the advertisement of wing that the PRI will attend the march. He suspects that there is something, but has not been able to detect what it is.

The former Secretary of the Interior recalls two commitments that the PRI president has made: not to vote for anything that "damages" the INE, and not to "disappear" it.

What do you mean "do not disappear"? What is the scope of “not harming” the INE? He asked.

The man from Hidalgo is convinced that, even without Electoral Reform, the PRI leaders are going to deliver the election of the four INE councilors who will replace those who leave next year. "With that they have to control the Institute," he said.

Another who does not believe in Alito is Senator Germán Martínez. "I don't want to see them march, I want to see them vote." Less skeptical, Senator Julen Rementería, head of the PAN caucus in the Senate, welcomed PRI members who want to march.

He made it clear, however, that it is not enough for them to take to the streets to defend the INE. "You have to vote against," he agreed.

Senator Gustavo Madero sees the addition of the tricolor to the march as good news. The only thing he asks is that he not use it to try to purify himself.


Very strange is the announcement that the ambassador to Chile and former executive secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Bárcena, is no longer going as a candidate from Mexico to head the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB.)

Right off the bat it was announced that renowned economist Gerardo Esquivel is Mexico's card to occupy such a strategic position.

Bárcenas posted the following tweet: "I have communicated with the president @lopezobrador_ who has warmly welcomed my personal reasons for which I have withdrawn my candidacy to the IDB."

I don't drink it. They put together a campaign for Bárcena that presented her as “rojilla” and “communist”. Those credentials did not sit well with the United States, the IDB's main provider of funds. And without Treasury support, it was a lost cause.


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