Military attack leaves 11 children dead at school in Myanmar | News


At least 11 children were killed and others seriously injured when military junta attack helicopters attacked a school last Friday located in a monastery in the eastern part of Leyet Gone, Di Paying town, the United Nations confirmed on Tuesday. UN).


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Initially, the spokesman for the Military Junta, in power for more than a year, General Zaw Min Tun, denied that an army helicopter killed children in the village of Leyet Gone.

According to the army version, the military operation took place when it received news of the presence of insurgent groups in the area, which the Myanmar military accused of taking the villagers to the monastery as human shields.

The military junta did not mention the death toll, although it said only two children were seriously injured, but witnesses said that on Friday night, when the shooting occurred, the troops took the bodies of the dead children to Ye Oo, a 10 km away and tried to bury them overnight in the cemetery.

Likewise, the concern for the wounded children from the school who were detained by the Military Junta after the air attacks, and there is still no precise contact about their whereabouts, emerged.

According to the version of the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners (AAPP), a local NGO that collects information on the junta’s attacks, at least 57 children under the age of 13 have been killed by the military since the 2021 coup. , of the total of almost 2,300 civilians killed at the hands of the Myanmar security forces.

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