Mier urges the opposition in the Senate to reflect on the initiative of the Armed Forces

Deputy Ignacio Mier Velazco, coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group, affirmed that the senators of the Republic, mainly those from the opposition, “have a new opportunity to convince themselves” and decide their vote in favor of the minute that extends, until 2028, the permanence of the Armed Forces in public security tasks.

In a statement, the also president of the Political Coordination Board praised the decision of the Senate Plenary to return the minutes to committees in order to achieve greater consensus.

He argued that the decision that legislators must make “is very simple, since it is about weighing between letting crime continue to act with impunity or having a trained and professional National Guard.”

The parliamentary coordinator also expressed his confidence on his own behalf and that of the “Together we make history” coalition, that the return of the minutes to committees will allow the proposal to be enriched.

“How good that in the end it was possible that instead of voting against, a possibility was opened to review, argue, discuss, debate and enrich the minutes,” he said.

Likewise, the deputy said that the objective of this new period of analysis will be to allow Mexican congressmen and women to reflect, and thus be able to guarantee the professionalization of the National Guard when the Armed Forces withdraw from public security tasks.

Mier Velazco also shared the agenda that the Chamber of Deputies will have for the next few days, when the analysis of the Fourth Government Report of the President of the Republic will begin.

For this, he reported, the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, will hold a meeting with the deputies next Tuesday.

“We are going to make all the questions that are in economic matters, a balance of what this year has been for our country, of what this year was for us in economic matters, which has surely gone well in the midst of the world crisis. ”, he finished.

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