Mexicans take revenge and beat the United States in flag football in “The Rematch”; in men the result was adverse


The national flag soccer teams of Mexico and the United States pose at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Photo: Wes Lorenz/USA Football/Courtesy

The Mexican teams of “football flag” or “flag billet”, as it is known in Mexico, faced their peers from the United States last weekend, both in the men’s and women’s categoriesin an event titled The Rematcha series of friendly duels that were part of the Super Bowl Experience in Los Angeles, with the aim of giving greater visibility to this sport that is gaining more and more strength.

Lace aztec players honored the name of the function and they took revenge for what happened a couple of months ago in Israelwhen they fell by a score of 31-21 to the United States in the final of the World Flag Football Championship, because this time they brought out the caste and beat their rivals from the north by a score of 25-32.

But nevertheless, The story was not the same for the men’s team, since they could not defeat their similar team from the United States and fell 48-41.

In the end, despite the men’s defeat, the atmosphere at the Los Angeles Convention Center was festive, even the “cute sky”intoned by the players and many of those present.

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