Mexican Tigres fan converts to Islam at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has left everything for Mexican fans outside the fields and on this occasion he was a fan of the UANL Tigers who went viral because he was caught converting to Islam in the streets of Qatar.

As published by Record, the event occurred in the streets of Katara Cultural Village, a small town located in the town of Doha. The clip published on the social networks of a local Qatari outlet shows a high-ranking leader of the Islamic religion doing the corresponding rituals with the Tigres fan who converts with a feline team shirt.

In the same way, the Mexican is asked if he is being forced to convert to said religion, the answer was no, but the individual was a little nervous when it came to answering.. Then they continue to explain that Islam is a religion that respects all the prophets, not just Jesus Christ.

The Mexican had to repeat the phrase “al shahada”, which is by custom the spearhead to accept in Allah his only God and Muhammad as his prophet. With this conversion it is demonstrated that not all those who traveled to the Qatar 2022 World Cup are against the laws by which the Arab country is governed.

Without a doubt, the stories of the Mexican fans in this World Cup are so many that they could write a book. For now, she has to continue living the World Cup day by day and hope that it holds for the Mexican National Team that she will seek to add three points against a downcast Argentina.

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