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Mexican photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel was shot to death on Monday in the border city of Tijuana in the northwest of the Latin American country.


They demand justice in Mexico for the murder of another journalist

Shortly before 1:00 p.m. (local time), the Mexican photojournalist was shot in the head when he was outside his home in the Camino Verde neighborhood.

The Secretary of Security of the state of Baja California reported in a statement that Margarito Martínez, 49, was the target of an “aggression with a firearm” and was found “lifeless on the side of a vehicle” in the city of Tijuana border with the United States.

A statement from the prosecution detailed that Martínez was found “with a head injury, caused by a firearm.”

“The public ministry agent is working, the forensic services, the investigative police to get the first data,” said Hiram Sánchez, head of the Baja California prosecutor’s office.

The photojournalist, specialized in crime and police photographs, collaborated with Mexican media such as the weekly Zeta, the newspaper La Jornada and international media.

A witness told the weekly Zeta that a neighbor shot Martínez Esquivel in the middle of a conflict over the ownership of some land. However, this version has not been confirmed by the authorities.

So far in 2022, Mexico already has two murdered journalists, after the murder of José Luis Gamboa Arenas, director of the Inforegio news portal, which occurred on January 10 in the city of Veracruz.

Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism with more than a hundred communicators murdered since 2000, according to figures from the Human Rights Commission (ombudsman).

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