Mexican comedian remembers that drug traffickers paid her a salary for her shows in the United States

“Lencha” recounted his experience of offering shows for drug traffickers.

Photo: @lucilamariscaloficial / Courtesy

Mexican comedian and actress Lucilla Marshalfamous for playing the character of “Lench” in the 1970s and 1980s, he revealed that he offered shows for the drug traffickers of the time, who had luxury homes in the United States and paid him millions of dollars to entertain their family parties.

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“From 80,000, in 90,000, I came to earn 100,000, with these gentlemen who work the white powder, that is, I came to earn a lot of money, the truth, but it went away, millions and millions, and it went away all the money”.

According to Mexican media, in an interview Mariscal clarified that she was not a friend of drug traffickers; but he only offered them a show, as he did with any other client: “You are not going to make friends with people, much less, you go to work, they ask for it, they pay you what you say, well, every mother !, I wish they would come out of those newspapers!”.

Remember the luxury and tasteless houses

“Lencha” recalled the time she was invited to work at a XV-year party and was amazed by the house where the event was held, especially because of how ostentatious it looked and the luxurious decoration, but in “bad taste”.

“(The narcos) They have a family, like all of us. What was a house! That was a Parthenon! With marble pillars, an incredible thing! In the United States, you entered and everything was very expensive, in bad taste, but everything was full of very expensive things, in bad taste.”

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