Metro reopens 6 stations, Yellow Line remains closed

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After closing for almost two months, six subway stations on the Blue and Yellow Lines reopened on Sunday to the delight of many users.

Passengers were seen lining up to catch the first train at the King Street-Old Town station. It was closed for eight weeks and Blue Line service is now resuming.

But there is still renovation work underway on the Yellow Line, and its trains won't cross the Potomac River for another six months.

"I really want to get back to the airport and get home, so I'm glad people can get back on the subway," said David Angeles, who took the train to get to the National Airport and back to Chicago.

“I got here the other day and ended up taking the shuttle bus they had, which was a surprise. That's why I thought I'd also take the shuttle bus today, but it didn't, so I've received all kinds of surprises," Angeles said.

The Blue Line is now running again at six stations: Braddock Road, King St Old Town, Eisenhower Avenue, Huntington, Van Dorn Street, and Franconia-Springfield. Its passengers have been using shuttle buses since September 10.

However, free rush hour transfers will continue with the Yellow Line, suspended until May 2023.

Metro assured that it is making progress in the Yellow Line tunnel rehabilitation project. Crews finish retaining walls, pave a driveway and install gates, payment machines and more.

For now, Virginia Yellow Line stops will be served by additional Blue Line trains every 15 minutes and Green Line trains will serve Yellow Station stops in the District.

The Blue Line closed to allow work on the new Potomac Yard station, but that station won't open until 2023. Yellow line service remains closed for at least the next 6 months.

“Blue Line Plus”

Passengers at the Huntington and Eisenhower Avenue stations were surprised to find Blue Line trains serving their station instead of the usual Yellow Line.

That's precisely because the entire Yellow Line will remain closed through May while Metro repairs the bridge over the Potomac River and the tunnel that connects to L'Enfant Plaza.

The new service, known as “Blue Line Plus,” runs between Franconia Springfield and downtown Largo Y Huntington (usually the Yellow Line terminus) to New Carrollton (also the Orange Line terminus).

"Seeing the test trains roll through the station reminds us that we are approaching the finish line of this large and significant capital project that will serve the region for decades to come," General Manager Randy Clarke said in a statement. .

"We thank our customers and partners for their patience as the team ensures we provide the best and safest experience for this beautiful season."

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