Metatext and Toot!: which is the best Mastodon app for iOS

Mastodon has been gaining ground in recent weeks in the world of social networks.after all the chaos on Twitter and the possibility that the platform will change after the arrival of Elon Musk.

Because Mastodon is designed under an open source architecture. since this social network is designed to function in a decentralized way It presents unique characteristics such as having multiple applications. This is due to any programmer can, from Mastodon’s free code, build his own app and publish it in the app stores.

This can be seen especially clearly in the case of Apple, since there is a wide variety of Mastodon applications in the App Store, some of which are even paid.

Given this variety of applications new users may feel a bit lost and can’t easily locate the best options. That is why we are going to tell you which are the two best Mastodon application options for iOS:


The first option for those iOS users who want to try Mastodon is Metatext, an app that Thanks to its stylized design and its ease of use, it has an average of 4.5 positive votes..

Its main differentiating aspect with respect to the rest of the applications is its speed and the ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously to access different servers. Something to consider is also that it does not have advertising, which makes browsing much more fluid.

It should also be mentioned that Metatext is completely freewhich can represent a plus for many users who are still not sure if they want to finish migrating to Mastodon and therefore do not feel comfortable paying for an app that they may not continue using after a few weeks.


It is the other alternative for those who want to try Mastodon and who have no problem paying $3.99 for an app. Toot! is considered by many to be the best Mastodon app for new users as it its fluidity and speed allows them to surf the net with total freedom.

Yes ok does not allow users to have multiple active accounts Just like its free counterpart, the process to migrate from one account to another is extremely easy and fast.

The only details of the application is that due to the fact that it is relatively recent, it still has some small bugs, which are being fixed by the development team.

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