Meet the huge ranch that Steven Seagal sold off with everything and its stuffed animals

Steven Seagal finally got rid of the ranch he had been selling for more than seven years.

Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images/Google Maps

The actor Steven Seagal69 years old and who is very close to Vladimir Putinsold in recent weeks the ranch he owned in Siskiyou County, California.

The property, for which he received $7 million dollarsis the ideal place for lovers of nature and tranquility, being located in the middle of nowhere.

In 2014 it was announced by $12 million dollars, however, the lack of interested parties caused him to reconsider his position and settle for the offer they made him.

So far the identity of the new owner is unknown, as well as the details of the operation, it is only known that it took place on February 7.

According to the technical sheet, released by various media specialized in the sale of real estate, the cattle ranch, which is also considered a nature reserve, has an area of 5,239 acres and with spectacular views of the peak of Mount Shasta.

The main house, where the protagonist of 'Hard to Kill' surely slept and was built with Tennessee white pine, has an extension of 14,000 square feetwith nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

It is completed by a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, library, weapons store, among other rooms.

Steven Seagal had an extensive collection of stuffed animals in one of his rooms (Zillow)
Steven Seagal had an extensive collection of stuffed animals in one of his rooms (Zillow)

In this house Steven Seagal used to have various figures related to Buddhism and various stuffed animalsbeing the bears the ones that stole the attention.

The original house, known as Olander House and that can be used as a guest house, is located one mile away from the main house and has an extension of 4,200 square feetwith three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

On another part of the lot is a third two-bedroom house, which used to be used by Seagal to give his employees a roof over their heads.

The property also enjoys immense green areas, imposing and enormous trees, as well as access to seven beautiful lakes.

To see more images of the huge reserve that Steven Seagal sold, click here.

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