Meaning of dreaming about flies: problems overwhelm you

Dreaming of flies can be intriguing because of what they represent in real life. We associate these insects with dirt, putrefaction, decomposition and even death, however, the fear that could inspire us in dreams is more associated with their spiritual meaning.

Dreams are an abstract representation of what we experience on a daily basis, but if we analyze its details we can find some keys, spiritual and emotional, of what we live in the present. It is because of that To understand the meaning of flies in dreams we must resort to what they spiritually symbolize.

In the Bible they are associated with plagues and diseases, but they are also a symbol of liberation., according to the Biblical Meaning site. In the esoteric arts it is said that flies are attracted by negativity or works of black magic.

Due to their behaviour, these insects are associated with perseverance, tenacity, freedom and adaptability.

That said, when we dream of flies, in general terms, it represents that there is something that bothers us, a problem or situation, perhaps minor, but with long-term consequences, that overwhelms us.

Although it is not a premonitory dream or a bad omen, it does warn us that we have too many responsibilities, stress or anxiety and we need to put an end to something or overcome an obstacle to feel liberated, as Diario Feminine commented.

Now, if you want to have a more precise interpretation, you must remember the context of the dream. Next, we tell you the most common.

dream of black flies

The most common is to dream of small black insects that in dreams we intuit are flies because of their buzzing and behavior around something. According to the dream dictionary of the site Soñ black flies represent that we are dependent on something.

They explain, for example, that you tend to behave based on what others think and ask others for advice on how to act instead of paying attention to your conscience. It is likely that you assume yourself as a helpless person who cannot fend for himself.

dream of flies flying

If in your dreams you remember that the flies were flying around a specific area, such as when hovering over garbage or a decomposing body, it means that you are getting involved in rumors or gossip. There is news of someone that interests you and you try to investigate their life and you run the risk of exceeding the limits.

Dream of too many flies

When you dream of hundreds of flies, like a cloud of insects that inspires discomfort or fear, it represents that you go through many problems associated with your behavior. Perhaps you are not comfortable with a choice you have to make because it is unethical or you make decisions that could harm you.

dream of huge flies

If you have the vision of seeing giant or disproportionate flies in size, it means that you live with negative or toxic people. Unconsciously you know that they hurt you, but for some reason you are with them and you don't want to or can get away from them.

dream of flies in food

It is one of the most common dreams and they are a warning about the arrival of an important event in your life as a result of a decision you make in the present. This big change could be positive.

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