McLaren works on its first electric sedan

The presence of more and better electric cars forces other manufacturers to fully enter the battle for a slice of the pie. Such is the case of McLarenwho is already working on his first electric car whose first details are already seeing the light.

according to a autoexpress reportthe Woking firm is already working on its first fully electric model, although it would not be a two-seater sports car but rather would seek to launch a sedan model that can compete directly with the Porsche Taycan.

McLaren was one of the first supercar manufacturers to enter the world of electrification with the launch of the P1, a high-performance hybrid model that was well received in the market, but apparently this experience has not borne the necessary fruits and the brand would no longer think of debuting with a 100 percent electric super sports car.

McLaren chief executive Michael Leiters was cited in the report, who took the job in April after serving as Ferrari’s chief technology officer for eight years.

“The technology is much more mature [y nos permite] customize it for a more useful lifestyle and purpose,” Leiters said.

It is also detailed that for now McLaren would seek a strategic partner to launch the model on the market, since the British manufacturer does not currently have a platform for the development of an electric model.

At the launch of its latest plug-in hybrid model, the McLaren Arthurhad the support of bmwso it is not ruled out that said company is extended to the new EV model of the firm.

The price of the vehicle at its exit is expected to be around 200,000 pounds sterling, which in exchange would be about $236,000, minimum figures for access to any model of the British brand.