Mayra Flores, the Mexican immigrant who competes for Congress with a message against immigrants

US Representative Mayra Flores (R-TX) is interviewed outside the Capitol building.

Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Last June, the Hispanic congresswoman from Texas, Mayra Flores, was sworn in to take office in Congress, and although the fact was glorified by the Republicans and even the president of said party, Adrienne Peña-Garza, called her “El lighthouse of hope”, his message against immigrants has been criticized.

This especially because she was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, but has brought a hard speech under the arm against those who come to the United States to fulfill the American dreamas their parents once did and harvested from the cotton fields of the Panhandle.

The reaction in social networks against the born “in the bosom of a humble family”as her website points out, she was put under fire for her incongruous rhetoric about how difficult it is to get ahead as an immigrant, but that she fights from her trench for “secure the border” what has led her to be named “a cotton-picking liar”.

The accusations that fall on Flores’ back do not stop, as do his statements against those who seek a better quality of life, even risking their lives.

The far left is destroying the American dream. When I was little, my family immigrated legally to the United States. I was taught conservative values: faith, family, and hard work. I will not let the extreme left and the socialist policies of the Biden Administration destroy this great country #TX34”, is the message with which he receives his followers and detractors on his social networks.

With a clear mission, on August 30, the congresswoman and a group of Republican women toured the border as part of a call to the Biden Administration to help curb immigration and it was then that he asked to “secure the border, because (hundreds of) immigrants are dying. They also need immigration reform.”

Under what he calls his values ​​of “faith, family and country,” Flores approaches his politics on the side of the majority of his Republican colleagues and transfers it to social networks through harsh comments.

Kamala Harris: the border is not secure, it is wide open. You would know the difference if you really did your job”, said Flores, who was stoned by users.

“You give Hispanics a bad name”. “You might as well do your job and take it off his hands. Tell us what your comprehensive immigration reform plan is to address his complaints. How would you modify asylum, visas, facilities, procedures, etc? “If Mayra’s husband did his job, the border would be ‘more’ secure…”are some of the messages that have been written to him.

He applauded the annulment of Roe v. Wade

Not satisfied with seeking a closure of borders, It has also gotten into a controversy over the abortion ban.

Flores’ arrival in Congress coincided with the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which he applauded on social networks.

“I thank God for today’s historic Supreme Court decision. It is clear that the Constitution never created a right to abortion, and this ruling rightly returns the authority to regulate abortion to the people and their elected representatives in the states,” he said.

“The Supreme Court annuls the case Roe v. Wade VICTORY! ”, He also wrote.

Will Mayra Flores pass the litmus test?

Although Flores’ arrival at the backbone of US politics is a triumph, we must not forget the harsh criticism he receives, even on social networks they have mentioned that if he gets a seat in Congress, Latinos would be “Sleeping with the enemy”.

The congresswoman knows that her stay in Congress is short, since she will only be in the seat while this legislative period ends and her great fireproof It will be in the November election where he will run against Democrat Vicente González.

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