Marlene Favela exposes her abdomen of steel by posing in a tiny top


Marlene Favela did his thing again and caused a furor in networks by sharing a photograph with which she verified once again why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world of entertainment.

It was a postcard that he published from his Instagram account where exposed his marked abdomen after becoming a mother.

“So heroic, so strong, so capable, so full of love! Your woman example of struggle and perseverance “, wrote Marlene Favela in recognition of the work on Women’s Day, on March 8.

Sheathed in a set of sweatpants and sweater croppedthe actress of melodramas such as “Passionate Heart” and “La Desalmada” she was seen with a mischievous look away from the camera while showing off her statuesque figure.

In just a few hours, the famous 44-year-old managed to collect thousands of likes and comments in which there was no lack of compliments from her fans and the occasional celebrity.

“Too beautiful”, “What a beauty of a woman”, “Precious as always”, “How cute my little darling”, “Beautiful”, “Wuuua without words how beautiful you are” and “Very beautiful but the most beautiful thing about you Marlene is your beautiful humility”are some of the comments that are read under the publication.

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