Man stabbed to death in front of his wife in New York


The wife of the man who lost his life after the attack took a crowbar and hit the attacker so that he would leave the man.

Photo: Ed JONES/Getty Images

A normal day ended as a tragedy for a family, after a young man approached a men who came home with his wife and stabbed him repeatedly to death.

The events took place in the bronx, New York when Nathaniel Rivers35, was killed on East 205 Street and Decatur Avenue in Norwood at the hands of franklin table19 years old.

According to the first police reports, the teenager approached him and they started arguing until he pulled out a knife and handed it to him. nailed to the chest Rivers, who was highly regarded where he lived, was told by one of his neighbors.

“He is the best person in the world. He would give you the shirt off the back of her. Whatever you need, he will help you. He was that kind of person,” the 50-year-old told the New York Post.

The wife of the man who lost his life after the attack took a lever and hit the attacker to leave the man, which he did; however, he fled the scene of the crime.

“Now I hear from the community that they have had some run-ins with him. Situations that were hostile, aggressive. The lady across the street, her children play here, said that he tried to stop her from getting on the bus. Get in front of her, and she was like, ‘what are you doing?’” added another neighbor about the attacker who is a threat in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Franklin Mesa’s sister announced that her family member suffers from mental problems and that he has been in treatment since he was 15 years old: “It is schizophrenicso he has mental problems.”

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