Man allegedly killed his partner by pouring windshield washer fluid into her drink, because she complained about how much she drank


A Indiana man allegedly poisoned his roommate to death spraying their drinks with windshield washer fluid, after she disapproved of his binge drinking habits, authorities said.

Thomas Holifield, 59, has been charged with the murder of Pamela Keltz, 64., who died June 1, 2021 from methanol poisoning, according to Michigan City police and LaPorte County Coroner Lynn Swanson.

Holifield allegedly called police to confess on May 30, while Keltz was being treated in the intensive care unit of a local hospital, The (Northwest Indiana) Times reported Thursday, citing court documents.

Holifield told police that Keltz was her “best friend” and that they had previously been in a romantic relationship together.

He said the two fought over her alcoholism, because she didn’t drink alcohol, and said her drinking became “a point of contention between the two,” according to court documents.

He allegedly devised a plan to kill her, first by putting eye drops in a cup from which she regularly drank soda.

However, “Thomas noticed that the eye drops were not causing severe enough illness. Pamela would have hallucinations and diarrhea, but then she would recover,” the file says.

Holifield then found a bottle of windshield washer fluid in Keltz’s room and saw that it contained the poisonous chemical methanol, authorities said.

He allegedly told police that he put some liquid in Keltz’s 2-liter soda bottles, causing her to get sick and go to the hospital.

After he returned home, he said he began putting more and more poison in her soda in an attempt to kill her, court documents say.

After learning that Keltz was poisoned, the doctors changed her treatment, but were ultimately unable to save her.

She was declared brain dead and taken off life support on June 1, documents show.

A search warrant executed at Holifield’s home revealed a funnel and a nearly empty gallon bottle of Champion windshield washer fluid, which Holifield allegedly told police was nearly full when he began poisoning Keltz, The Times reported.

Holifield has pleaded not guilty to the murder. In October, a judge appointed a mental health professional to determine if he was fit to stand trial, according to The Times. He is scheduled to appear in court again on January 20.

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