Lebanese Parliament fails to elect president | News

The Lebanese Parliament announced this Thursday that the votes to appoint the new head of state failed for the fifth time, after the expiration of the mandate of President Michel Aoun, on October 31.


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During this process, the most voted candidate was Michel Muauad, with 44 endorsements, for the eight of the historian Isam Jalifé and the vote received by former minister Ziad Barud.

However, at least 47 parliamentarians have voted blank, while the second round has been canceled due to lack of a quorum.

“The chamber must be blocked and the Lebanese must demonstrate in front of Parliament until a new president is elected,” said Elias Jradé, a member of parliament for the Cambio bloc.

In this sense, some parliamentarians withdrew from the chamber before the second vote, just like the previous four times, amid calls from several legislators for an indefinite session until the new president is elected.

It is worth noting that to be elected, the president must obtain the support of two thirds of the parliamentarians, that is, 86 of the 128 parliamentarians, in the first round or an absolute majority in the event that more votes are to be held, as contemplated by the article 49 of the Lebanese Constitution.