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Zelensky calls for “a European peace community” to defeat Russia

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has called for the European Political Community, which is holding its first meeting in Prague this Thursday, to become a “European community of peace” and for the countries to remain united in order to defeat “the evil Russian”. ” and prevent the war in Ukraine from spreading to other European countries.

Zelensky addressed the more than 40 leaders gathered by videoconference, including those of the EU, the United Kingdom and Turkey, celebrating the “initiative” and stressing that it is “an extremely powerful opportunity to restore peace in Europe.” In his opinion, the European Political Community “has a real chance of becoming a European political community.”

The Ukrainian president highlighted the fact that representatives of Russia did not attend the meeting, “a State that geographically seems to belong to Europe, but that from the point of view of its values ​​and conduct is the most anti-European State in the world”.

In his opinion, European countries are “in a strong position to harness the full potential of Europe to end the war and ensure long-term peace, for Ukraine, for Europe and for the world.” But for this, he has insisted as always when he addresses international forums, Ukraine must continue to be supported in its struggle and in its defense of its territory, while denouncing that Russia does not want peace and for this reason has rejected all proposals in this regard that have been made to it.

“Ukraine is only the first battlefield,” he warned, hence the importance of defeating Russia on Ukrainian territory. In this sense, he has ordered all those present to increase sanctions and cease any type of cooperation with Moscow, in addition to suspending it as a member of the UN. (EP)