La Opinion Hoy: Details behind the Voter Registration. Bad Bunny is back in the news for his new video


The Joe Biden government calls on citizens to register and participate in the elections.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Ten years ago, the United States established the National Voter Registration Day to guarantee the participation of the population in the next elections.

The North American president, Joe Biden, highlighted the importance of exercising the right to vote in local, state and federal elections. Also, he warned that his government will be attentive to any action that wants to coerce this right.

“It is contradictory that the United States, which is the ‘most promoted democracy in the world,’ compared to other countries very few people votethere are countries where 70% or 80% of the voter registry votes,” said Jesús Del Toro, editorial director of the Chicago newspaper La Raza, on the podcast La Opinion Hoy.

“The Hispanic community has had a problem of underrepresentation for decades,” Del Toro argued, “while the more voters the Hispanic community has, the more power it will have and it will have more capacity to influence the destiny of the country”.

in show business, bad bunny is news after publishing his video “El Apagón” where he shows a documentary about the housing crisis that exists in his native country, Puerto Rico, it was learned that the artist will help buy a house for a 10-year-old survivor of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The girl, Mayah Zamora, is traumatized after the terrible event, so the singer supports the family to acquire a home far from the place of the event.

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