'La Casa de los Famosos 2': Telemundo launches the first preview of the new season

The gates of "The House of the Famous” will reopen on Telemundo. And it is that the followers of the reality show knew that there would be a second season, but they did not know that their return would be so fast.

During the Super Bowl and the premiere of the telenovela "Pasión de Gavilanes II", Telemundo released a preview announcing that "La Casa de los Famosos" will soon return to the screen. It is not yet known which celebrities will enter the house and compete for the $200,000. What is known is that it will be in April when the show returns to the air and viewers can once again spy on their favorite stars 24/7.

“La Casa de los Famosos” returns to Telemundo for a second season, opening a window to the most intimate moments of celebrities and offering the audience a multiplatform experience without filters through the screen and exclusive access 24/7 live by Telemundo.com.

Viewers will once again witness the dynamism of coexistence between famous personalities of different origins, backgrounds, temperaments, attitudes and generations.

The house has more than 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones that will capture every space of the structure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing the audience to discover the humanity behind the celebrities, who will give everything to win. the public vote and become the last survivor in the house to be crowned with a big cash prize.

Alicia Machado It was the big winner of the first season and won "La Casa de los Famosos".

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