Kobe Bryants eldest daughter requests a restraining order against an

Kobe Bryant’s eldest daughter requests a restraining order against an alleged stalker

Natalia Bryant has accused a Sun Valley man who has been stalking her for two years.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Natalia Bryant, the eldest daughter of Vanessa and the late NBA player Kobe Bryant, asked a judge for a restraining order against a 32-year-old Sun Valley man that he is accused of harassing and stalking her for two years.

Bryant accused the alleged stalker, Dwayne Kemp, of contacting her on social media since 2020, when Natalia was 17.amid an “increasing trend of harassing conduct, including delusions that he and Ms. Bryant are in a loving relationship as a couple,” according to a court filing obtained by ABC.

“Ms. Bryant, her family, and law enforcement are fearful and concerned for her safety,” the document says.

It is stated in the document that the alleged stalker tried to have a meeting with Natalia Bryant, currently 19 years oldand even performed on the USC campus, where she attends classes.

A crime report from the USC Department of Public Safety indicates that Kemp showed up on campus earlier this month with flowers for Bryant..

Kemp’s messages “have been completely one-sided and Ms. Bryant is not in any relationship nor does she wish to be in a relationship,” the document said.

The court briefs detail several disturbing messages allegedly sent by Kemp, who is described as a “gun enthusiast and has been arrested for misdemeanor firearm-related offenses.”

Kemp allegedly sent a direct message via social media to Natalia Bryant in July 2021 stating that he hoped “he and Ms. Bryant can have a child like Kobe together.”

Another message from Kemp, sent in late October, reads: “I love you and I’m sorry. Can we talk and make up so we can be friends again?”

Court documents show that Kemp also posted images on social media showing weapons and multiple images of the defendant holding an assault-style weapon..

The restraining order request was filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. A hearing is set for December 14..

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