Keiko Fujimori asks to take “drastic measures” to dismiss Pedro Castillo


The Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori has summoned Congress to take “drastic measures” to remove to President Pedro Castilloinvestigated for corruption.

“It is an opportunity for the political groups that at the time abstained or voted against the vacancy. Citizens are waiting for drastic measures by the Congress of the Republic and I think his time has come”, declared Fujimori, according to the Peruvian newspaper ‘Trade‘.

The leader of Fuerza Popular added that “The information that has been released is very serious.information from the Public Ministry (…) I believe and hope that there will be an in-depth investigation, because there is more and more evidence that involves the circle closest to the President of the Republic”.

However, Fujimori denied that he is touring the country to campaign for an upcoming presidential campaign.

It is not within my plans to participate yetI do not know what will happen in the coming months or years, it is very difficult to predict the situation but I do believe that there should be more consensus among all the democratic parties, seek spaces of consensus, harmony and seek candidates that bring together and represent various parties ” , he pointed.

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The Public Ministry previously reported that Castillo is investigated for alleged crimes of criminal organizationaggravated influence peddling and aggravated collusion.

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