Julio Urías, x-ray of an ace: the Mexican shines, extends phenomenal streak and helps Dodgers make history with their 107th win

Julio Urías in action against the Padres, whom he kept without a run.

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If Julio Urías is chosen as the winner of the National League Cy Young Trophy A few weeks from now, his great consistency will automatically come to mind, but in a very specific way, Dodgers fans will remember his brash performance on Sept. 28 in San Diego, when the Mexican left-hander was perhaps at his best.

Facing a team that is fighting to reach the playoffs and that has a lineup full of power, Urías didn't blink, even after a difficult 23-pitch first inning; he was also undeterred by the lack of offensive support of his team in a tense pitching duel, and by the time he left the game after six innings and 92 pitches without allowing a run, he was congratulated in the dugout by his euphoric manager, Dave Roberts, who finally seems convinced that “El Culichi” is his ace for the playoffs.

Julio Urías had no decision and remains with a mark of 17-7, but his airtight pitching allowed the Dodgers to win 1-0 in 10 innings against the Padres and make history with victory 107 this season, setting a new record for a team that has played 139 seasons. Julio had also helped his team win game 100.

Dodgers won in 10 innings for new record

A single by Freddie Freeman drove in the game's lone run in the 10th and Tommy Kahnle earned the save for a Dodgers win that goes straight into the record book (the 106-win mark had been set in 2019 and tied in 2021). . But the story of the game at Petco Park was Julio Urías, who in his 6 innings spaced 6 hits, walked 2 and struck out 5.

After brawling with the Padres, Urías has reduced his earned run average to 2.17, the lowest in the Old Circuit. Dominican Sandy Alcántara (Miami Marlins) follows with 2.32 and Zac Gallen (Arizona Diamondbacks) is third with 2.46.

On Wednesday, when Urías was asked about being a Cy Young candidate or being the Dodgers' No. 1 starter in the playoffs, his answer was the same as always with humility: He's just focused on the next game.

More stats from Julio Urías' memorable season

In addition to leading the most significant pitching stat of earned runs per 9 innings, Urias is 2nd. place in the National League in wins (17), he is 2nd. in batting average against (.199) and is 3rd. in walks and hits per inning or WHIP (0.96).

But if there is a statistic that today has the 26-year-old Mexican at the top of the Major League, it is his 37 wins counting last season -9 more than any other pitcher- and especially his consistency in the second half of the current one. tournament: in his last 18 starts, Urías is 14-1 with a microscopic 1.79 ERA.

That is, since June 18 when he beat the Cleveland Guardians, Urías has only lost one decision despite throwing very well (6 innings, 2 hits, 1 run vs. Milwaukee) and in reality he only had one bad start, which was against the Chicago Cubs on July 10. Outside of that game, in the other 17 starts he pitched with quality and in 14 of them he gave up 1 earned run or less.

In all, he has allowed 1 earned run or less in 21 of his 30 starts this season. He has just one more start left, the other week against Colorado, before the postseason.

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