Joe Biden, a betrayed president


Joe Biden, US President

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Betrayed by members of his party, attacked daily by his political enemies, President Joe Biden is losing ground in the polls and is in danger of drowning in a current of popular discontent that blames him for the excessive increase in fuel prices and of basic items.

According to a FiveThirtyEight poll last month, the US president is still in a tailspin and has already reached 42% popularity just over a year into his administration.

Three times as Senator he tried to occupy the presidency, as many others he helped and worked so that the proposals -some that affected minorities- of many of his colleagues became law.

Gentle gentleman, always ready to exhaust all avenues of dialogue, once in the presidency, Biden surprised the world with his flowery language when he described the Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohamed bin Salmán, a “Pariah”, the President of China Xi Jinping he called “dishonest, violator of human rights” and for Vladimir Putin, he reserved the adjectives “murderer”, “criminal” and other worse; I must say that this was within weeks of assuming the presidency.

We will never know if these insults that he made public against these characters precipitated the sad tragic events that we are now seeing, among which are, in addition to the war between Ukraine and Russia, an irrational escalation in fuel prices. In his eagerness to lower gasoline prices in the United States, Biden asked the Prince of Arabia, yes the same one he insulted, for an increase in his oil production. Salmán’s answer was a resounding “no”.

For his part, Xi Jinping responded to the rain of insults by President Biden, with an even greater rapprochement with President Vladimir Putin and without having fired a bullet, he is emerging as the winner in this conflict by being willing to buy at very low prices. lower everything Russia is willing to sell, including hydrocarbons.

One of the meanings of diplomacy ands the ability to influence, through dialogue and other measures, the decisions and behavior of governments and individuals in order to prevent war and violence.

Joe Biden did not apply these principles of diplomacy when addressing the aforementioned characters, nor did he publicly call on them to seek peace and reconciliation. On the contrary, his statements turned them into threats, to such an extent that China responded with a formal complaint against the United States and Russia precipitated its invasion of Ukraine.

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which is being waged today, was unequal from the beginning, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s plea to NATO members to close airspace fell on deaf ears, Joe Biden, leading member of that organization that houses 27 countries, canceled the delivery of a fleet of aircraft that Poland was willing to deliver to the Ukrainian army.

The result is the bombing by Russia that allowed it to advance and control strategic areas of the Ukrainian territory, among which are the second most important port Mariúpol.

The aid that the president of the United States has provided to Ukraine has been extremely meager if we compare it with the 20 billion he spent in Afghanistan in a war against a poorly armed Taliban army that ultimately entered the Afghan capital triumphantly and now they are the ones who rule that part of the world. To date, the US government has sent Ukraine almost 3.5 billion in weapons to defend itself against the second most powerful army in the world.

And the promises Biden made during his campaign?

In a forgotten drawer was his proposal to improve workers’ wages, to cancel part of the student debts, to grant Medicare at age 60, to ban assault weapons, for immigration reform and the agricultural workers were left with only the title of essential workers, but without any benefits that that entails.

Everything came to nothing thanks to two Democratic senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, who betrayed the President by voting against the backbone plan of his government.

For them the President had no insults or criticism. He kept absolute silence before those who truncated his project. That was Biden’s first defeat, the second has to do with the war and its consequences that the Ukrainian people end up paying for. Convinced that the United States will not dare supply Ukraine with warplanes, the Russian leader plans to celebrate what he sees as his double victory with a sumptuous military parade in Moscow next May.

Alicia Alarcón is a highly experienced journalist in Los Angeles

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