Joaquín Velázquez, former Cruz Azul technical assistant recently apprehended, released for lack of evidence


The lawyers of Joaquin Velazquezex Technical Assistant by Juan Reynoso in Blue Crossthey achieved their goal and managed to free their client by Lack of evidence accusatory.

The defense of the alleged person involved in crimes against health managed to verify that on the dates on which Velázquez allegedly committed the crime (in 2018), the alleged person involved was not in Mexico, but in the United Statessince he worked there.

In this way, Judge Iván Zeferín, who was handling his case, ordered his release on Monday from the Federal Center for Social Readaptation no. 1 Almoloya, known as the Altiplano in the State of Mexico.

Despite the release the Attorney General of the Republic will appeal the resolution for the Unitary Court to review the judge’s ruling.

It should be remembered that Joaquín Velázquez was arrested on Tuesday, April 12, shortly before the Concacaf Champions League semifinal match between Cruz Azul and Pumas, when the former technical assistant was on his way to carry out his professional duties.

A day after this, it transpired that the accusation was for crimes against health and money laundering, for which he was taken to the Altiplano prison, where he was held until Monday night.

This cost Velázquez his job at La Maquina Celestesince shortly after his arrest he was dismissed from his position.

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