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Although you do not believe it…

the japanese sailor Kenichi Horie became this Saturday the oldest person to make a solo and non-stop journey of 8,500 kilometers through the Pacific Ocean after more than two months of navigation.

Horie, 83, arrived at ki channel, that separates the prefectures of Wakayama and Tokushima in western Japan, in the ‘Suntory Mermaid III’, his 6 meter long, one ton boat, at 2:39 in the morning, after set sail from San Francisco, California, on March 27.

After completing his feat, horie stated for the Japanese official news agency Kyodō:

I am very happy that I was able to return home without major problems. I am grateful for the support I have received from all of you.

The journey traced a route similar to the one Horie did 60 years ago, when he became the first sailor to cross the Pacific solo and non-stop in port, but in opposite direction.

Since that first trip, the Japanese navigator has crossed the Pacific in environmentally friendly boatse, from one fed by solar panels to another made with aluminum cans and plastic bottles. In 1999, she sailed from San Francisco to Japan on a boat made from beer barrels.

Norie added for the chain CNN:

I didn’t think I’d be sailing at 83, but I’m still healthy and I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. The challenges are exciting, so I’d like to keep trying.

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