Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth in Nablus | News

Israeli occupying forces killed a 34-year-old Palestinian youth, Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Assaf, during an assault on the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Wednesday.


Israel kills Palestinian amid West Bank offensive

According to the authorities of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the victim received a projectile impact in his chest while 31 other Palestinians were injured.

Likewise, local media indicate that the murdered young man was pursuing a master’s degree in law at the prestigious An-Najah National University, the largest in the West Bank.

Similarly, the Israeli occupation troops carried out an attack on the Palestinian city of Sinyil where they attacked its inhabitants by launching tear gas.

At the same time, other armed incursions in Al-Jader were reported for three consecutive days. In turn, in Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets and launched sound bombs at the Palestinian population.

International media register a total of 16 Palestinians killed at the hands of the occupying forces during the course of the last three weeks.

Meanwhile, the international community remains silent in the face of the numerous war crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian population for decades.