Israeli Army murders a Palentino teenager in the West Bank | News

The Israeli Army killed a 17-year-old Palestinian teenager with a shot to the head on Monday after clashes in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.


Israeli crackdown leaves 22 Palestinians injured in West Bank

According to the Ministry of Health, several were injured by gunshots, including 17-year-old Mohamed Abu Saleh, who died in hospital from gunshot wounds.

Israeli troops attacked a village near Jenin to demolish the house of an attacker who killed an Israeli in December in the illegal settlement of Homesh.

As a result of the confrontation, three other Palestinians were injured, 20 civilians “with live bullets in different parts of the body, mainly in the abdomen and extremities, which confirms that the occupation army fired at them with the aim of killing,” the ministry said.

“All this in the midst of a barbaric and arrogant show of force in an attempt to impose fear on Palestinian citizens and control them with collective punishments that violate international law and human rights principles,” he added.

After the demolition, the surrounding residents opposed the military forces and even confronted them with firearms.

Local media reported that the army closed the entrances and access to the town of al-Silah Al-Harithiya and then the military escorted bulldozers and machines to demolish the house of Mahmoud Yarada.

For its part, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that their troops along with the border police entered to demolish “in which the terrorist Muhamad Yarada resides,” according to a statement.

In addition, they claimed that violent riots broke out before the demolition “with the participation of hundreds of Palestinians”, some of them throwing explosives at Israeli soldiers.

“The soldiers identified several armed people and shot them to neutralize the threat,” the IDF statement said, without specifying anything about the teenager’s death.

According to the Army, Yarada is responsible for the death of Yehuda Dimentman, a 25-year-old religious student killed in an armed attack in the West Bank in December, where several were injured.

The Israeli military forces have adopted the demolition of houses of Palestinians and their families as part of punishment and deterrence measures and it is a practice that the Palestinians condemn as “collective punishment” illegal under international law.