Israeli aircraft launch bombing raids on the Gaza Strip | News

Israeli forces attacked the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, following the firing of a rocket from Palestinian territory into the Israeli region, witnesses and the Islamist movement Hamas reported.


Israel intervenes again in the Esplanade of the Mosques

According to witnesses to the event, Israeli aircraft attacked the southern Gaza Strip, while the armed wing of Hamas indicated that it opened fire on Israeli planes.

“Congratulations to the resistance men who met the warplanes with our anti-aircraft defense,” Hazem Qassem, a Hamas spokesman, said in a statement.

Qassem also noted that Israeli forces attacked vacant sites. Added to this information is that the witnesses said that there were no injuries as a result of the attack.

This aggression was Israel’s reaction after a rocket fired from the Palestinian side towards its territory and was intercepted by the “Iron Dome” anti-missile system.

“In retaliation for that attack, Israeli army warplanes attacked weapons factories of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli army reported.

Last weekend, Israel’s security forces violently seized hundreds of worshipers who were on the Esplanade of the Mosques, the third holy site in Islam and the first holy site in Judaism. Some 170 people, mostly Palestinians, were injured. Faced with these actions, Hamas launched its attack.