Israel intensifies its air and ground offensive in Gaza, today October 28, 2023

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The Israeli Army claims that they are "advancing the phases of the war" and that soldiers attack the Strip by land, sea and air.

Israel has intensified during this past night his ground and air attacks in the Gaza Strip, which has been in "blackout state".

Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said this Saturday that they are "advancing the phases of the war" against the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and that Israeli soldiers are attacking the Gaza Strip by land, sea and air. "Infantry ", armored vehicles, engineering and artillery forces are participating in the activity, accompanied by heavy bombing," Hagari said in a televised intervention, in which he stressed that "there are still" Israeli soldiers fighting in the Palestinian enclave. He reported that in the last few hours they have killed two Hamas leaders, responsible for the group's air and maritime command, and assured that "their elimination represents good progress in the phases of the war and helps the forces fight against a weakened enemy." .

Loss of communications

The Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel confirmed last night the "complete cutoff" of communications, telephone and Internet services in the Gaza Strip, and attributes them to the intense bombings on the enclave. "The cut is due to the heavy bombing in recent hours that has damaged the international lines that connect Gaza and has caused it to be out of service," the company said in a statement.

Paltel's confirmation came shortly after numerous users on the networks began to warn of the impossibility of establishing communications within the Strip.

As indicated today in the daily report on the conflict by the Coordination Office of the UNboth the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) have lost communication with their staff in Gaza.

The Red Crescent Palestine has also warned of the "complete" loss of contact with the operations room in the Gaza Strip and all its teams there.

Humanitarian operations "cannot continue without communications," the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Palestine, Lynn Hastings, has warned from Jerusalem.

Likewise, the Red Crescent has expressed its deep concern for the safety of health teams working in the Gaza Strip due to the "continuous and intense Israeli air attacks 24 hours a day", which demonstrate that Israel "will continue to commit crimes while isolating Gaza from the outside world.

The Gaza Strip lives another night under intense Israeli bombardment
The Gaza Strip lives another night under intense Israeli bombardment
The Gaza Strip lives another night under intense Israeli bombardment

The ground offensive is expected to be in the north of the Strip, as Israel has repeatedly urged the civilian population of the northern half of the enclave, more than a million people, to move to the south for safety, although the Israeli bombings cover the entire territory, including the south.

Humanitarian aid

Meanwhile, Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagari stated this Saturday that they will increase "humanitarian efforts" and that more trucks with aid will enter the southern Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

"To all Gaza residents who have moved to the southern Gaza Strip, we are going to increase our humanitarian efforts," Hagari said in a televised address, after announcing last night the expansion of Israeli ground incursions into the Palestinian enclave.

The UN approves a resolution to call for a "humanitarian truce"

The United Nations General Assembly yesterday approved a non-binding resolution presented by Arab countries to call for an "immediate, lasting and sustained humanitarian truce" in the Gaza Strip.

The resolution obtained 120 votes in favor, 45 abstentions and 14 votes against, among which were Israel, the United States, Guatemala, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Marshall Islands, Tonga, Czech Republic, Micronesia, Fiji and Nauru.

7300 dead

The war between Israel and Hamas began on October 7 with the attack by the Islamist group against Israeli territory, which left 1,400 dead, some 5,000 injured and more than 200 hostages who were taken to Gaza. Since then, Israel has bombed the Strip daily. , which has caused more than 7,300 deaths and almost 19,000 injuries.

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