Islamic State calls for attacks in Europe


The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group He called on his followers to carry out attacks in Europe taking advantage of the war in Ukraine and launched a military campaign in revenge for the deaths of the former leader, Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurashi.and the spokesman, Abu Hamza al Qurashi.

“Taking the good example of your brothers in Beit al Maqdis (Israel) for their blessed operation a few days ago (…) Now you have the opportunity. Europe is burning and the crusaders are killing each other,” said the organization’s new spokesman, Abu Omar al-Muhager, in a 33-minute audio message broadcast through his audiovisual production company Al Furqan on the occasion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“It is a war, to which we ask God not to put out its fires until the worshipers of the cross are burned and destroy their kingdom so that they suffer what the Muslims have suffered,” he assured at the end of the audio, broadcast on television channels. Telegram and whose authenticity could not be verified, in reference to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24.

“Allah will punish them with his hands”

“The Crusaders’ fear of war clearly appeared in Europe and the United States when it reached their territories,” Al Muhager said, asserting that “The pride and barbarism of the Russians and their attempts to recover the glory of the Soviet Union and polarize the world forced the Europeans and the Americans to enter (the war) and involve others so that they do not pay the price alone.“.

At the beginning of the clip, titled “Fight them and Allah will punish them with his hands”, the spokesman launched a new military campaign that he called “invasion” of “revenge for the death of the two sheikhs” in reference to the assassination of the previous leader and also the spokesperson.

second voice message

This is the second voice message broadcast by the spokesman after announcing last month the new successor to IS, Abu al Hasan al Qurashi, about whom no data is known, after his predecessor was killed in a US operation early last year. February in northwestern Syria.

Al Qurashi had been proclaimed caliph by the Islamic State two years ago, after the death of his predecessor, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, in another US operation, but during his time at the head of an organization weakened and stripped of the vast territories that had come To conquests in Syria and Iraq his face was not known nor his voice heard.

According to the Washington version, Al Qurashi blew himself up when surrounded in an action that killed seven people, including his wife and at least two of his children.

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