Is the scandal over? Kheira Hamraoui is called up to the French National Team

The French player Kheira Hamraoui he will return to the French team this month after suffering in November 2021 a violent assault by hooded men.

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder was summoned this Wednesday by the coach, Corinne Diacreto dispute next week the France tournamentwhich will measure the galas against Denmark, Uruguay and Norway.

It was precisely in that same tournament, in a duel v Netherlands on February 21, 2022when Hamraoui made the last of his 39 caps for the national team.

The player has recovered playing time with PSG in recent months and Diacre assured that she wants to see ‘what athletic impact he can bring to the team’ the 33-year-old footballer.

The horizon seems to be clearing for the footballer, who on November 4, 2021 suffered a violent attack by two hooded men when she was traveling by car with her partner Aminata Diallo after a dinner for the PSG women’s team.

The investigators, who initially detained Diallo as alleged instigator of the aggression for an alleged sports rivalrythey ended up releasing the player without charges.

The incident, which has not been clarified, tensed the atmosphere inside the PSG locker room, which caused the club to want to get rid of Hamraoui, who nevertheless opted to continue.

(With information from EFE)