Iraqi court extends presidential powers to Barham Salí | News

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The Supreme Federal Court (TFS) of Iraq reported this Sunday on the extension of the mandate of the current president, Barham Salí, due to the postponement of the general elections due to the existing complex political climate.


Iraq's parliament postpones presidential election after boycott

Despite the official end of his term, Salí will continue to assume leadership roles, especially when he is currently the only recognized presidential candidate.

Local media indicate that Salí had alerted the TFS of the political vacuum generated after the boycott of several parties to the electoral process in that Arab nation.

In that sense, just this Sunday the TFS announced the definitive annulment of the former Minister of Finance, Hoshiar Zebari, and who stood as his main opponent in the face of the elections.

"The Federal Supreme Court issued a decision (...) to invalidate Parliament's decision to accept the application for the nomination of Hoshyar Zebari for the Presidency of the Republic and abolish it," the entity said in a statement.

Alleging that Zabari, proposed by the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PDK), does not meet the requirements to apply, since he was accused of alleged corruption when he served as head of Finance, and consequently Parliament had withdrawn confidence in him.

The PDK has not yet notified the replacement of Zebari as a candidate for the presidency, a position that can only be held by a Kurdish man and whose other candidate is Salí for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

The votes to elect the Iraqi president were forced to be postponed because The initial vote for the president was ruined by the refusal to participate of the formation led by the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, winner of the legislative elections in October, other Sunni parties and to the PDK itself.

Al Sadr categorically refuses to allow the Shia parties backed by Iran, big losers in the legislative elections in October, to join the Iraqi Executive, at least with the influence of past years.

If Al Sadr manages to form a majority government with his Sunni and Kurdish allies, the first consequence would be that Al Maliki and Fatá — the Shia political bloc to which the pro-Iranian Popular Mobilization Forces militias belong — could go into opposition, in which would be a dramatic blow to the 'status quo' in which the country's national politics has lived in recent years, and between threats of violence if such a scenario finally occurs.

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