Iran reiterates that it resumes Nuclear Agreement if the US lifts sanctions | News

The president of Iran, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, specified on Tuesday that it is possible to retake the 2015 nuclear agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – PIAC or JCPOA, for its acronym in English) if the Government of the United States (USA) lift sanctions against your country.


Russia and Iran agree on energy cooperation

“If the US lifts the cruel sanctions, it is possible to revive the 2015 agreement,” the president remarked, adding that he must lift the cruel blockade against Tehran and then talk about dialogue.

On the eighth round of negotiations on the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan, the Iranian head of state said that the Persian country is working on two fronts: to annul the effects of the sanctions and to eliminate them.

“The government operates in two areas. One, to neutralize the sanctions and two, to lift the sanctions. One of the ways to neutralize the sanctions is to have relations with our neighbors, and Russia is one of the great neighbors of Iran, so we don’t we can ignore having economic, commercial and many relations that we can have between us as an independent and capable country”, explained President Raisi.

“We have the capacity to expand the level of commercial ties with Russia exponentially,” added Seyed Ebrahim Raisi. Similarly, the president considered that the basis of Iran’s foreign relations is interaction with the whole world.

“I announced it in the electoral campaign and I will follow it, we will interact with all the countries in the world that want to interact with us, but the countries that want to oppose us, naturally we will resist them,” stressed the head of government.