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The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Said Hatibzade, declared that Tehran is not happy with the pace of negotiations in Vienna, regarding the recovery of the Joint Action Plan (JAPAN) and the lifting of sanctions against that Persian nation. .


Iran lists positive progress in nuclear pact talks

After the New Year celebrations, the dialogue was resumed on January 3 in the Austrian capital to fully reestablish the nuclear pact.

“The pace of negotiations in Vienna is important for Iran,” Hatibzade said at a press conference, while stressing that “the other side cannot advance at a snail’s pace expecting us to progress at the speed of light.”

Despite his discontent, he added that Tehran seeks to continue negotiations to reach “a solid and reliable agreement,” something the diplomat insisted on, “no agreement that does not have these two components is on our agenda.”

Hatizbzade specified that the PAIC should be restored to the way it was prior to the violation by the US, a country that under the Trump Administration left the agreement in 2018 and imposed sanctions on Tehran.

Despite progress in some cases, the spokesperson called on the parties to ensure that Washington’s return comes with the lifting of sanctions and verification with guarantees of Iran.

“This is not achieved through any temporary agreement,” he added. In turn, the official stressed that progress will depend on the will of other parties.

Last September, Vienna hosted the eighth round of negotiations on the nuclear agreement between Tehran and the 5 + 1 Group (China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Russia, along with Germany) signed in 2015 to curb the development of the nuclear program. Iranian in exchange for the cessation of international sanctions.

With the departure of Washington, Iran has gradually dismissed points of the compromise, given the lack of decision to face the US sanctions:

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