Investigation: Texas discriminated against Hispanics and Blacks affected by Hurricane Harvey with billions in aid

Flooded streets after Hurricane Harvey.

Photo: THOMAS B. SHEA / AFP/Getty

HOUSTON – The devastation caused by the Hurricane Harvey I leave thousands of families with severe problems, after almost five years some have still managed to fully recover.

One of the immediate complications some Houstonians faced was acquiring relief funds.

Complaints were numerous and now the US Department of Housing and Urban Development says an investigation has found that the distribution process of the Texas General Land Office was discriminatory.

The administration of Texas Hurricane Harvey flood relief funds violated federal law by discriminating against black and Hispanic residents in the Houston area, according to a decision by the federal housing agency that could funnel millions of dollars into helps communities hit by the 2017 storm.

The process to distribute more than $2 billion in flood mitigation funds “resulted in disproportionately less funds being available to benefit minority residents than were available to benefit white residents.”

The state agency sparked bipartisan outrage from officials and residents of the nation's fourth-largest city last year when it announced that Houston and Harris County would receive only a small portion of the money Texas was awarding as part of an initial distribution of funds. federals. even though the area bore the brunt of Harvey's estimated $125 billion in damage.

In a letter from the aforementioned federal agency, it warned Land Commissioner George P. Bush that if his office does not voluntarily comply with federal law, it can “initiate administrative proceedings” or refer the matter to the US Department of Justice. The letter was released Tuesday by a housing advocacy group that filed a complaint against the state agency last year.

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