Insecurity at the rank of National Security!


Raul Flores Martinez.

What is the line that must be followed so that a project in Mexico is considered National Security by the Federal Government, rather, by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Until now, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport and the Mayan Train are considered National Security in order to prevent them from being stopped, and above all, there is no information on costs, projects, etc.

I believe that it is time that the insecurity that exists in the country should be raised in rank to National Security so that this government of the Fourth Transformation attacks it from the root, regardless of which group exercises it; no matter who the leaders are.

Such is the need for pacification in the country that now the mobilizations are called by the Catholic Church, as was the case where the Bishop of Cuernavaca, Morelos, Ramón Castro Castro, participated in the march for peace organized by the Pastoral de los Young people, whose objective is to pray for the conversion of the hitmen and denounce the compulsory recruitment of young people in criminal organizations, this in the municipality of Temixco, which by the way tried to sabotage the mobilization, by prohibiting its original route days before it was held the March.

In this mobilization, the prelate said something that we all already know, young people are threatened with the death of their loved ones, in case they do not want to participate in criminal organizations, a threat that they carry out over the support of the Federal government. .

One and a thousand mobilizations can take place in this country, where criminal organizations are strengthened day by day in weapons or hired assassins, under the complicity of a Federal government that only attacks certain criminal organizations, while the others continue their lucrative illicit business.

A few days ago we wrote about the operations that are taking place in the state of Sinaloa, those operations that have led to the destruction of more than 30 laboratories for the production of methamphetamine in different places in the Sinaloa mountain area.

The points for the elaboration of these substances are located in communities such as Soyatita, Calafato, Ipucha, La Hilama, Vado Hondo, Bacata, Mezcantitlán, Elota River, El Limón, El Mautal, La Bacata, La Carbonera, Alcoyonqui, Los Cedritos, Corral Old and Drawer of the mines.

These laboratories, according to the Leaked Information of the Security Cabinet, belonged to the part of the Pacific Cartel headed by the mythical drug trafficker, Ismael “Mayo” Zambada, the order that the elements of the Sedena have, is basically to weaken the structure of the ” May”.

“We still don’t know the purpose,” was what this reliable source said, about the operations that are carried out periodically within the state of Sinaloa with information that someone has provided them, about the location and production of synthetic drugs, especially fentanyl. .

Young people who have been co-opted by hit men from the organization, threatened or paid with drugs work in these clandestine laboratories; they are cannon fodder and cheap labor for organized crime.

These actions are only a palliative for everything that is being suffered, an improvement for those families who abandon their homes due to pressure from organized crime cells, for families displaced by death threats.

It is time for insecurity in Mexico to rise to a higher level and be classified as National Security so that it is attacked from the root, regardless of who the leaders are; regardless, if there is sympathy for a political party.

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