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The Fundamental Rights Commission of the Constitutional Convention of Chile approved by a large majority an initiative for the restitution and duty of reintegration of lands, territories and natural assets of indigenous peoples.


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For this purpose, the commission accepted the creation of a Special Court of Ancestral Lands, Territories and Waters, which must promote all the necessary measures to comply with the restitution of lands -including resorting to expropriation- to the original peoples.

The proposal considers the creation of a "Plurinational Commission for Land Registry, Demarcation and Indigenous Territorial Titling", whose purpose will be to receive the demands of the native nations.

In addition, you must carry out a cadastre on properties that are in the domain of third parties, individuals or the Treasury. In this way, you can "prepare a specific plan for demarcation, registration or titling and/or restitution, as appropriate."

This norm indicates that the State will have a term of two years to install this special court; while six months from the entry into force of the new Constitution, if it is approved, a Plurinational Commission for Land Registry, Demarcation and Indigenous Territorial Titling must be formed.

This initiative was approved in general, so the vote is still pending in particular and later in plenary to be confirmed.

Also in a general vote, the Environment Commission approved the creation of an Indigenous Comptroller's Office; and in the Constitutional Principles Commission it was decided to add the official symbols of each native people to the national emblems.

This Thursday, the Political System Commission of the Constitutional Convention approved, in general, the norm that declares Chile as a Plurinational and Intercultural State.

The initiative, sponsored by 16 constituents, indicates that indigenous peoples "are holders of the right to self-determination, as well as other collective rights recognized and guaranteed within the framework of this Constitution and in the International System of Human Rights and Rights. Indigenous villages".

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