In Washington DC, the Casa de la Cultura El Salvador brings together writers/artists from 10 countries

On the occasion of celebrating literary production in Spanish in the United States of America and to pay homage to the Mexican poet Judith Santopietro, who has recently published her collection of poems “Tiawanaku”, where she creates and recreates her worldview with the languages ​​and imaginaries of indigenous peoples, held a conclave under the convocation of La Casa de la Cultura El Salvador in Washington DC.

Colombia was represented by the Poet, researcher and professor emeritus of the American University: Consuelo Hernández; Bolivia by the poet and journalist Ricardo Ballón; Nicaragua by the writer, poet and translator Milagros Terán; Dominican Republic by the Poet Sofía Estévez; Argentina by the actor Mario Marcel, director of the prestigious Teatro de La Luna, in Washington DC; Paraguay by the actress and co-director of the Teatro de La Luna: Nucky Walder.

The Republic of El Salvador represented by the poet Mayamérica Cortéz, the representative of the “Alta Hora de la Noche Literary Collective” and in turn the poet José Vladimir Monge; and the one who writes. Mexico embodied by the poet and researcher of the languages ​​of native peoples Judith Santopietro; and the United States of America by the poet Kim Jensen; and among special guests there were Peruvians, Guatemalans and Salvadorans.

The meeting was broadcast live on Facebook by the president of the Casa de la Cultura Dr. Jeannette Noltenius, who opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking the assistance in the call and highlighting the importance of rescuing and supporting the contributions written in native languages, in addition to continuing to write and publish in Spanish in the country that shelters us, whose Latin American community is significant and needs literary contributions as references of its culture.

Poetry was read and the atmosphere of camaraderie, respect for the written word and the joy of celebrating the word and singing to life, to love in all its dimensions, solidarity, the Latin American heritage in the US and the constant renewal of nature, hope and personal, group and social struggle to deserve a world less battered by human folly, indifference and pettiness.

The key moment was when the poet Vladimir Monge, on behalf of the “Alta Hora de la Noche Literary Collective” gave a special recognition of those present to the Mexican poet Judith Santopietro, who has already published her book “Word of water”, which It is prefaced by the distinguished poet, now deceased, Saúl Ibargoyen, who is greatly remembered by those present.

After rejoicing with poetry and personal literary projects, we proceeded to a gastronomic gathering where there were delicious Peruvian, Salvadoran, Dominican, Nicaraguan dishes and good tasting American wines. The Casa de la Cultura El Salvador has positioned itself as a unique institution in the metropolitan region of Washington DC where not only Salvadoran culture is promoted, but also Latin American.

Writer of the Salvadoran diaspora, Master in Hispano-American Literature from the PUCP.