“In Mexico I am Peruvian and in Peru I am Mexican”: Santiago Ormeño and his “problem” in Chivas de Guadalajara


The striker spoke about a well-known topic in Mexico and Peru, his nationality.

Photo: Arturo Hernandez / Imago7

The front Santiago Ormeno of the Chivas de Guadalajara shook the Guadalajara team with his arrival, since many of the club’s followers did not like that he will play with the Peruvian national teamsomething that at the moment he still continues to afflict the player who is in Los Angeles so he can concentrate with the national team Inca to face the preparation matches that will hold against Mexico and El Salvador.

The ‘problem’ that Ormeño has, who was born in Mexico City, it is because he represents another countrysomething that Chivas traditionally does not allow, because it only accepts elements that decide to represent the Aztec Tricolor.

As a result, when asked about this topicthe ’14’ shirt of the Guadalajara team He expressed himself and let it be known that it is always a very complicated issue, but that he knows that he has to deal with it, Well, for everyone in Mexico he is Peruvian and for those born in Peru he is an element with Mexican citizenship.

In Mexico I am Peruvian and in Peru I am MexicanIt’s not easy, but it’s something you have to deal with.”

Santiago Ormeno

Also, the same element born in Mexico, but who represents Peru, let it be known that like everything, when he achieves goals and good performancesboth in his club and in his selection, the ccritics and negative comments against him will be forgotten by the chivahermanos and the followers of the Peruvian team.

“It is not easy, they know that Chivas is a team in which pure Mexicans play. For playing in the Peruvian national team, for them (the fans) I am Peruvian, actually I am Peruvian and Mexican, it has been difficult but it is part of the process and As things start to come out, everything will happen little by little”

Santiago Ormeno

Peru will play with the element of the sacred herd before Mexico next Saturday the 24th of this month at the Rose Bowl. Later, after playing against some of his teammates and the LIga MX, Ormeño and the rest of the Peruvian team will face each other The Savior on the 27th of the same month of September at the Audi Field.

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