Hurricane Ian impacts the Cuban province of Pinar del Río | News

The Forecast Center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (Insmet) indicated in the early hours of Tuesday that Ian made landfall in the south of the province of Pinar del Río as a category 3 hurricane.


Hurricane Ian gains intensity and strengthens to category 2

As estimated by the meteorological authorities, Ian reached the community of La Coloma in the south of the province of Pinar del Río, with winds exceeding 180 kilometers per hour.

Meanwhile, a Cuban television report realized that in that province there were major damages to the electrical service, strong winds and intense rainfall were felt and some homes already had damage to their roofs.

The island’s meteorological stations recorded wind gusts of 111 kilometers per hour in Punta del Este, a special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, and another of 108 kilometers per hour in the provincial capital of Pinar del Río.

Winds with tropical storm force, with speeds between 70 and 80 kilometers per hour, are perceptible in Isla de la Juventud, Artemisa, Mayabeque and Havana.

Shortly before the arrival of Hurricane Ian in Cuba, the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned that the meteorological phenomenon had passed from category 3 to 55 kilometers south of the town of Pinar del Río.

Given the imminent arrival of Ian on the Caribbean island, the Cuban authorities evacuated 50,000 people in the westernmost province of Cuba the day before.

For its part, the Civil Defense of Cuba declared the “alarm” phase in the provinces of Pinar del Río, Artemisa and in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, in the west, where the rains and winds began to produce strong swells, with waves between five and seven meters.

He also declared a cyclonic alert for the provinces of Havana, Mayabeque, Matanzas, also in the west, and Cienfuegos, in the center of the country.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel communicated through his Twitter account that the Government is attentive to compliance with the measures to face Hurricane Ian.

Díaz-Canel called on the population to pay attention to the indications of the rescue and emergency agencies to avoid loss of life during Ian’s passage.

In its bulletins, the NHC warned that after hitting Cuba, Hurricane Ian could reach the Florida peninsula between Tuesday night and early Wednesday.