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On a day like today in the year 1813, Simón Bolívar began the so-called Admirable Campaign through which he managed to liberate the western part of Venezuela, which was then made up of Mérida, Barinas, Trujillo and Caracas, and led to the formation of the Second Republic.


Simón Bolívar and his independence legacy

Framed in the Venezuelan War of Independence, this military operation was commanded by Bolívar and in which the heroes Atanasio Girardot, José Félix Ribas, Rafael Urdaneta, Antonio Riocurdel and Luciano D`Elhuyar, among others, also stood out.

His main objective was to defeat the royalists, in order to regain control of Venezuela and make a Republic again.


The First Republic in Venezuela began in April 1810, when a Supreme Junta declared in Caracas dismissed Captain General Vicente Emparan and installed a Congress, and fell in July 1812 with the capitulation of San Mateo to royalist chief Domingo Monteverde.

Admirable campaign. VTV.

Admirable campaign

With the support of the Government of New Granada, Simón Bolívar began the Admirable Campaign from Cúcuta on May 14, 1813. The objective was to overthrow the royalist forces of Monteverde.

In this expedition, Bolívar relied on the troops led by Colonel Girardot at the forefront and Colonel Ribas at the rear.

On June 15 of that year, one day after arriving in Trujillo, Bolívar signed the Decree of War to the Death against the Spaniards and Canarians. Girardot defeats the royalists commanded by Manuel Cañas at the Battle of Agua Obispo (June 17 and 18).

In the Battle of Niquitao (July 2) the troops of Ribas, Urdaneta and Vicente Campo Elías defeated the royalists of José Martí.

In the Battle of the Horcones (July 22) Ribas and Jacinto Lara defeat the Spanish.

On August 6, 1813, the independence fighters entered the city of Caracas after having entered Venezuelan territory through San Cristóbal and having crossed La Grita, Mérida and Trujillo. This victory in the west, together with the triumphs in the east obtained by Santiago Mariño, would give rise to the creation of the Second Republic of Venezuela.

After completing the Admirable Campaign, Simón Bolívar is proclaimed on October 14, 1813, before the people of Caracas, as Liberator and Captain General of the Armies of Venezuela.

In recent statements, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro described the Admirable Campaign as “one of the greatest epics of the libertarian feat of our America. Feat of the libertarian army that gave us our most precious asset; freedom, which we will always defend”.

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