How to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Colombia

How to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Colombia on television and internet? Prices and packages

(CNN Spanish) — The World Cup in Qatar begins with the participation, for the first time, of 32 teams and 64 matches that can be enjoyed in all corners of the world.

The broadcasts of the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches can be followed online, through mobile devices and in more traditional media such as radio and television.

In Colombia, despite the fact that the team will not go to the World Cup, the rights to soccer matches are held by Mountrigi Management Group, a company that bought broadcast rights from FIFA almost throughout the continent, from Mexico to Buenos Aires. , and will have them until 2030, as reported by The New York Times. According to a FIFA document, this group has the broadcast rights for 16 countries on the continent.

This group, in turn, has licenses for the transmission of the 64 World Cup matches in Colombia through the Internet, mobile devices, radio and TV through DirecTV.

The group also granted party licenses to the two main Colombian media networks: Caracol TV and RCN Televisión.

In addition, the radio network RCN Radio has the license to broadcast the matches over the radio in Colombia, according to a FIFA document.

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How much do the membership packages cost?

Currently the RCN and Caracol channels are free on open television in Colombia. They can be accessed at no cost if you use a television that has Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

But to watch the 64 World Cup matches through DirecTV you need a subscription that can be prepaid (payment in advance without bills) for an average of 68,000 pesos (about US$16 at current exchange rates).

There is also the payment modality of a postpaid package that offers you, in addition to soccer programming, a wide variety of channels for a cost that goes from 105,000 to 150,000 Colombian pesos (between about US$18 and US$36). , according to the DirectTV page.

And there is another service called DirecTV GO, also from DirectTV, with which you can also watch the games over the Internet on mobile devices, for a monthly fee of 39,000 pesos (about US$10 at current exchange rates).

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