How to make a V4 engine faster and more efficient

How to make a V4 engine faster and more efficient

Knowing how to get the most out of the power unit of our car is one of the actions that we want to know in depth. In the case of V4 engines, We show you how you can make it faster and more efficient.

These engines, as the name implies, are made up of four V-shaped cylinders, which contain the combustion that pushes down the pistons necessary to turn the power unit.

Now the most common layout currently in use is the four-way alignment thanks to the balance it offers, especially when cracked. Two regular brands where we can find this type of engine is Subaru and Porsche.called “boxer” as a result of the rise and fall of pistons in the cylinder.

Having explained the concept of a V4 power unit, we’ll explain how to make it work faster.


It may seem obvious to many homeowners. However, many of them will ignore these basic procedures to get the engine running properly. Therefore, reviewing the car manual will help to do it effectively, as well as making sure to change the oil, align the wheels, check the brake pads, among other routine maintenance activities.

cold air intake

The degree of power and compression of the engine will increase if there is a greater flow of air to be mixed with the fuel, since the V4 works in this way, compressing air and fuel to then ignite.

Installing a cold air intake will increase the amount of air drawn into the power unit, increasing gas mileage, thereby saving fuel and making the engine perform better.


Improving the exhaust pipe would also help improve engine power. Nevertheless, if you choose to run this change consider removing and cleaning exhaust gases from the cylinder chamber before adding more fuel and air to keep the power unit working efficiently.

Finally, others changes that you can apply in order to improve V4 They can be reprogramming the car’s computer system, getting a new throttle body, and upgrading the camshaft to a more powerful version.

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