How to apply to the New York State “Drive Clean” Rebate Program to buy an electric car: save up to $2,000


Currently, electricity as a source of energy offers very good transportation options.

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Buying an electric car is a difficult decision due to the high cost that this type of technology represents when making the investment.. However, in the medium to long term, the benefits will begin to be seen. It will not only be about the great savings in fossil fuels, but also about the low maintenance costs and the incredible contribution that it will make to the reduction of polluting emissions, a topic that is gaining more followers every day around the world.

Despite the great investment that these vehicles represent, in the United States a revolution has been brewing around their technologywhich has resulted in some benefits granted by the federal government to promote their purchase —such as the tax credit for the purchase of electric vehicles— but also a large number of state incentives for the same purpose, such as the Drive Clean Rebate granted In New York.

How to apply for the Drive Clean rebate in New York?

The Drive Clean Rebate Application Process in New York —set at $2,000 for each beneficiary— is extremely simple and consists of only three steps that the applicant must complete:

1. Choose the electric or plug-in hybrid car that best suits your needs from the entire range that exists on the market.
2. Go to a local dealer that participates in this program to learn more about the car and even test drive it.
3. Once you decide on the car or another with the same technology, the dealer will give you a $2,000 discount during the purchase.

Although many consider that this incentive is very little for the purchase of an electric vehicle, the Drive Clean rebate can be combined with the tax credit for the purchase of electric vehiclesa benefit granted by the federal government that can be claimed during the tax return and that grants up to $7,500 dollars to eligible taxpayers, an amount that can be added to what is obtained from the Drive Clean discount.

The New York State government also ensures that the investment in an electric car is fully backed by the state thanks to a charging network that grows more and more every day and that also extends throughout the country for greater user confidence in this technology that represents the future.

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