Honduras urges a serious discussion on global multipolarity | News


During her speech at the 77th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, the president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, highlighted on Tuesday the need to speak seriously about multipolarity in the world.


They declare a disaster area to a neighborhood in the capital in Honduras

“It is time to start seriously discussing the multipolarity of the world,” said the president, after referring to the electoral fraud that plunged her nation into a dictatorship that lasted more than a decade, and the continuous attacks against sovereign countries such as Cuba and Venezuela.

“Today that war is once again punishing the poorest in the world, and that we are invaded countries, we proclaim a return to respect for the self-determination of peoples, rejecting the infamous and brutal blockade of the sister Republic of Cuba,” said the head of State.

Likewise, he underlined the need to radically change the arbitrary world order that rewards countries that concentrate wealth in few hands and grows inequality.

“This arbitrary world order in which there are third and fourth category countries is unacceptable to us, while those who think they are civilized start wars, financial speculation and crucify us with their inflation over and over again,” he said.

Castro emphasized that poor countries can no longer withstand coups d’état, nor color revolutions that end up favoring the exploitation of natural resources by foreign powers, which he also pointed out as the main culprits of the climate deterioration suffered by less favored nations.

destabilization attempts

The president of Honduras denounced the multiple attempts against her democratically elected government to stop the changes that it promotes in favor of fulfilling the will of the people.

“The task of undermining the will of the people comes to us from all directions, while conspiracies are fomented between the same sectors that looted the country and their coup allies, emboldened by the brazen anti-democratic attitude, sometimes disguised as diplomacy,” he said.

In this sense, he recalled that the coup d’état, electoral fraud and the rentier model applied, led his country into a world of alarming violence, poverty and emigration, between failed and abandoned projects, corruption, looting and drug trafficking.

“I take this rostrum to demand that we be respected. We want to live in peace. Do not continue trying to destabilize Honduras and dictate your measures to us or choose who we should relate to, ”he added.

Refoundation process in Honduras

President Castro stressed that this country will only have a future if firm steps are taken to dismantle the neoliberal economic dictatorship, for which a refoundation process has already begun.

“The Honduras that I direct is being built under a vision of humanistic refoundation, imbued with dignity and sovereignty, which will do what is legally important to recover the environment and achieve the common good for our population,” said the head of state.

He assured that the Honduran Government is focused on providing quality health and education, food security for children and youth, as well as guaranteeing the improvement of life for the most vulnerable sectors of Honduran society.

“Never again will we carry the stereotypes of the banana republic. Every millimeter of the homeland that they usurped in the name of the sacrosanct freedom of the market and other regimes of privilege, was irrigated with the blood of the original peoples. My social and democratic government is going to retake the state of justice and law so that this does not happen again”, emphasized the president.

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