Historical Pact Coalition asks for guarantees for Petro and Márquez | News


Representatives of the center-left coalition Historical Pact asked a continental humanitarian organization for protection for their two candidates, Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, in the face of growing threats against their candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of Colombia.


Colombia registers the 2022 pre-electoral period as the most violent

Less than three weeks before the presidential elections in Colombia, the members of the alliance considered that the lives of their candidates are in danger.

The request comes after a report from the Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) assured that the violence in these elections will be double that of the 2018 elections.

In their exhortation to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) they indicated: “We request that the Colombian State urgently carry out the investigation, prosecution and punishment of those responsible for the threats against the candidates Gustavo Petro and France Marquez (…).

The signatories warned about the repeated threats that both candidates have received in the context of the electoral contest and that, at first, some government officials dismissed.

In the communication they regretted that “immediate measures have not been adopted to investigate these facts.”

And they also took the opportunity to demand a wake-up call against President Iván Duque and General Eduardo Zapateiro, commander of the National Army, for alleged interference in politics.

They also requested to consider the granting of precautionary measures in favor of Márquez and a study to determine if it is necessary to strengthen Petro’s protection.

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